Place of business and jurisdiction at the conclusion of the booking:
Owner Christa Kornreiter
Via Milano 52
I-37019 Peschiera del Garda (Italy)
Tax ID 04468950235
Telephone for Germany: 0049- (0) 6181-4277024
Email: kontakt @ Gardasee-24 (dot) eu

Terms and conditions for the use of the holiday apartments on Lake Garda - Italy

1 processing:

1. Contract conclusion:
Basis of the contract is the respective rented object with the equipment features and information, as it is described on the supply side: https: //gardasee-24.-eu at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

2. Apartments and categories: We have divided the apartments into categories that are similar in facilities and in the same location. The reason for this is that we do not rent the apartments with limited arrival / departure days, but offer our guests a daily arrival / departure. For this reason, you book a category z. b. a 3-room apartment in a specific facility (eg Lazise, ​​Boschetti, Peschiera or San Benedetto). We then choose the apartment for you in the respective facility, since we then assign this to the appropriate connection bookings. The apartment chosen by us can then be with or without a view of the lake and the equipment / bed design may differ depending on the apartment. The basic equipment is available (TV, kitchen equipment, coffee maker, balcony, balcony furniture), as well as the equipment for the respective booked persons is available. However, if you would like to book a very specific apartment, eg. B. an apartment by apartment name, or with lake view, a specific floor, especially newly renovated, a very large balcony, a special equipment, then this is only possible with extra charge and availability. Please be sure to specify the selection, otherwise it may be that we then make the split from our side. If you do not want to pay extra, we kindly ask you to state your wishes in the comment field, which are not binding for the booking. We will first arrange the fixed bookings for a particular apartment with extra charge and then try to divide the apartments according to the wishes of the guests. Please understand, if you do not specify any wishes, or the wishes are only given by phone or by telephone advice, but this is not noted on the lease, this may not be considered.

3. After completing the online rental contract, the renter immediately receives the payment data and confirmation of the rental. The down payment is due immediately at the latest 7 days for bank transfer, the balance including the possible deposit no later than 6 weeks before the agreed rental. For short-term booking (less than 6 weeks to the beginning of the rental), the total amount is due immediately. After the total payment, the tenant receives the housing information for the respective object. If the renter does not comply with the specified payment terms, the landlord can withdraw from the contract without further notice and demand compensation for non-performance.

4. Housing Information / Agb:
The renter undertakes to print out and read the latest version of the apartment info about the property. The housing information contains local rules / practices, instructions and handling of furnishings and equipment, and contact addresses. If the renter does not receive the information in time before departure, this must be requested from the landlord.

5. Tenants and traveling companions: All persons including toddlers staying or living in the flat must be indicated in the rental contract, as well as pets. Subsequent registrations can not be accepted on the day of arrival. Unregistered persons and pets are not allowed to use the apartment and equipment of the apartment or condominium. Offenses are charged at 200 euros per person / pet or can lead to immediate termination of the contract without compensation, in which case all tenants have to leave the property immediately.

6. Arrival / Departure: The use of the apartment or the holiday resort and its facilities such as pool / parking etc. is, unless otherwise agreed, earliest on the day of arrival from 15 clock and on the day of departure until 10 clock in the morning allowed. Keys / access cards may not be taken out of the key box before the agreed upon reference time and must be returned to the key box at 10 o'clock on the day of departure. In the case of violations, the renter will automatically be charged for another rental day. A premature collection or later withdrawal is only possible for a fee and only with prior agreement / vote and only with the landlord. Missing keys or access cards will be charged at 50 Euros each. Check in times are 15 o'clock to 19 o'clock of the day of arrival (please tell us your arrival times). Check out until 10 o'clock of the departure day.

7. The apartment is taken on the day of collection and on the day of departure by the administrator. Please make an appointment for this, without a date a detailed protocol will be drawn up by the service when moving in and out, the guest must prove that he did not cause the damage that occurred between his move in until his departure. This does not affect the already known / recorded / documented damages.

2 cancellation by the renter:

1. The rented apartment is booked exclusively for the respective tenant and can not be canceled free of charge, therefore the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended. If the tenant does not use the rental property, he is still obliged to pay the full rental price according to the lease. A cancellation by the renter must always be reported in writing. In the event that the apartment can be rented again by us, the tenant will receive the difference from his paid rent and the amount of the rental amount obtained by the newly concluded lease, less the offer fees / cancellation costs, these amount to at least 50 euros. A rebooking to another person may, but does not have to be accepted by the landlord. A cancellation after successful collection of the renter does not entitle to a refund claim. As a courtesy, a refund can be made in the event that a replacement tenant for the rental property, the extract from the tenant has been reported in time and the tenant to the landlord, a countersigned by the on-site service overprint of the extract day can present.

3 canellation by the landlord:

1. If a contract execution as a result of force majeure or unforeseeable events such as damage in the apartment is not possible, the lessor agrees to provide the tenant with a similar equivalent object or refund the entire amount already paid to the tenant. If the replacement object is inferior compared to the originally booked object, the landlord agrees to refund the tenant the price difference to the originally rented object according to the offer price list. If the replacement object is an equivalent object, the landlord is not obliged to make a compensation payment. If the landlord can not provide the tenant with a replacement object in the booked period, the tenant can withdraw from the rental agreement and claim back the entire rental payment made.

4 Obligations and liability of the landlord:

1. The services to be provided by the landlord do not include insurance d. H. the landlord assumes no liability for theft, fire and water damage to the property of the renter and damage to the vehicle of the renter. The contracting parties agree here that the rental property will be used as a holiday home by various persons and therefore may be subject to increased wear and tear. Deficiencies that affect the contractual use of the apartment only insignificant z. B. missing equipment, minor defects, short-term failure of technical equipment, eventual occurrence of vermin such as ants and spiders, do not entitle the tenant to reduce rent or damages. Similarly, a short-term loss of furnishings, or public supply entitled to no price reduction. Defects / damages / disturbances are to be informed immediately to the landlord. If a remedy of the defect is absolutely necessary for a continuation of the tenancy, the lessor must remedy the fault / defect / damage within 24 hours otherwise the tenant is entitled to compensation. Defects / damages, which are not shown immediately or cleaning complaints, which are not displayed on the collection date until 19 clock, can no longer be accepted and may not be improved.

2. The landlord is not liable for circumstances that are not directly related to the rented property, as well as circumstances on which the landlord has no influence, eg. B. beach and local conditions of the resort, or any noise emissions due to construction or road works or other harassment by third parties, or impairments due to regulatory orders or requirements. Noise caused by other tenants in other apartments in this resort that are not owned or leased by the landlord is not the responsibility of the landlord.lIf during the rental period unpredictable damage within or in the immediate vicinity of the apartment resulting from construction or construction noise, the lessee of it immediately notified, as far as the landlord has been informed. The landlord is held to prevent disturbances for the tenant as far as possible. If this is not or not completely successful, the tenant is only entitled to claims for damages if the landlord acts deliberately or through gross negligence.

3. The landlord assumes no responsibility for oral or telephone information / agreements of third parties (possibly also service staff).

4. Optional services: for booked, but not available or provided optional services there is no right of withdrawal of the renter, but a refund of optional booked and paid services (eg Wifi, bicycle, beach chairs, barbecue, air conditioning etc.) , TV and German programs: are made available to the guest, in case of failure of satellite dish / antenna or their technical defects that cause a temporary failure of German programs, no return of the rental price can be claimed.

5 Obligations of the renter:

1. Complaints: Complaints / Damages / Lengths l / Cleaning complaints must be reported in writing by the renter on the collection date by no later than 7 pm (SMS / Whatsup, if applicable). Unreported defects / damage found by the service after moving out can be charged to the renter if he can not demonstrate convincingly that the damage / defect was not caused by him. Unauthorized cleaning complaint z. B. minor impurities, such as pollen, leaves or dust on the terrace or small cobwebs, possibly spider or ants, or crumbs in the toaster or after 19 clock reported cleaning complaints do not entitle free post-cleaning and possibly at the expense of the tenant. In case of premature unauthorized collection all cleaning and Nachreinigungsanspruch expires.

2. Emergency / defect / damage: must be reported to the landlord immediately in writing, SMS / Whatsup / email is no response from the landlord must also be informed of the on-site service. The guest is liable for all damage caused by him in the amount of the replacement cost / repair costs. For damages that are not reported immediately by the guest and are only reported by the service at the time of departure, the cost reimbursement increases by at least 20 euros, due to additional travel / time costs of the service.

3. House and / or pool rules: The renter is obliged to abide by the rules of the holiday resort, the house / pool regulations and the rules in our holiday information. The facilities of the apartment are to be treated with care and must be kept clean by the renter during the rental period. Violations of the rules of the holiday resort, which lead to legitimate complaints by neighbors or administrators of the facility (eg persistent disturbances by the tenant) can lead in severe cases to an immediate cancellation of the lease without compensation. Time / labor costs of the landlord and service in case of legitimate complaints of neighbors residents are charged to the guest with at least 30 euros. Pets are not allowed in the pool area of ​​the resort. Should the tenant's pet contaminate lawns, moorings or walkways, they must be cleaned by the renter.
Awning/sunshades. If available, please enter when leaving the apartment and during a thunderstorm / storm, in case of violation of the tenant is liable during his stay for damages.

4. Condition when moving out: The apartment is swept clean, so leave in a swept state. Crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils and pots (free from limescale or stoving residues) must be stored neatly in the cupboards provided, existing kitchen appliances such as stove, grill, toaster, oven, hob must be cleaned by the guest. The refrigerator must not be iced and must be wiped rough. Each guest has to dispose of his own waste and is responsible for it himself. Waste must be disposed of separately in the designated containers in the system. In the apartments (Peschiera-2) comes a garbage disposal, separated garbage must be put according to the pick-up plan in transparent bags the night before the door. Otherwise, penalties of up to 1000 euros are threatened if rubbish is randomly placed on the street. Leftover garbage bags on the terrace / balcony can be disposed of by the service, for larger amounts for a fee .. Doors, windows, shutters or shops must be closed when leaving the apartment bwz. To be locked. Used blankets and pillows must be neatly stowed in the cupboards. Keys and, if necessary, gate openers must be returned to the designated location. Lent as bed linen / towels / beach chairs / barbecue etc. must be returned free of damage and in full.

6 additional costs such as:

1. Water / electricity / gas (except the power consumption of the air conditioning) are, unless otherwise agreed, included in the rent. These costs are calculated for a normal consumption, these should be above average high, the landlord reserves an additional charge.

7 Deposit and deposit refund:

1.The deposit is made with the final payment by the renter. The repayment is made at the latest at the end of the following month after moving out. A prerequisite for a full repayment of the deposit is that the renter fulfills his duties in accordance with the apartment information and this agb and that he leaves the property in a clean and orderly condition on the extract date. Possibly. Additional charges for additional costs, damages, missing items of furniture can be charged with the deposit, possibly additionally charged.

8 Exclusion of claims:

1. Entitled claims which, despite timely written notification by the tenant, could not be remedied by the landlord within the repair period, must be asserted in writing by the tenant within one month of the stay. After expiry of the period, claims can only be asserted if the tenant was demonstrably prevented from observing the deadline without own fault.

9 Severability clause:10

1. Should one or more provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the remaining provisions. In the case of ineffective regulations the respective legal regulations apply. Several persons on the tenant side are liable for all obligations arising from this agreement as joint and several debtors. Court of jurisdiction is Peschiera del Garda, Italy